Lampeter Strasburg Boys Youth Lacrosse located in Lancaster Pennsylvania

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The Lancaster-Lebanon Youth Lacrosse League and the Lampeter Strasburg Boys Youth Lacrosse board expects its players and their support organization (parents, family members and friends) to act in a supportive, nurturing environment during all games.  To this end, we are publishing the expectations of conduct for all attendees of our games.


The coaches will be announcing to all attendees prior to the game:

“The Lancaster-Lebanon Youth Lacrosse League needs your help to give our kids the best youth lacrosse experience possible today. As a spectator, your role is to cheer positively, keep quiet if you don’t feel positive, and encourage respect and sportsmanship at all times. Demeaning or disrespectful actions toward players, coaches, or officials are not tolerated here. Today’s participants will all try their best, and we expect the same from all spectators. Thank you, and Go Pioneers!”


As stated, actions that are not positive in nature will be dealt with immediately and could ultimately result in removal from the spectator area.


For a complete guide of conduct, please go HERE.