Lampeter Strasburg Boys Youth Lacrosse located in Lancaster Pennsylvania

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Below is the 2018 LSYBLC Budget that was approved by the Board.  This year the Board is attempting to set the registration costs that reflect the cost incurred by each of the teams.  This change was made primarily due to the Middle School Coach being made a paid position therefore creating a growing cost disparity between the teams.  The lower registration costs for the younger teams also allows us to support another objective, which is growing the LSYBLC from the bottom up.  In trying to balance the desire to provide the club with greater opportunities, and keeping it as affordable as possible for the participants, this budget relies greatly on 100% participation in fundraising activities.  LSYBLC team rules will reflect those participation needs.  As a Board, we are excited for the added opportunities that this year’s budget allows as we continue to grow the program.