Lampeter Strasburg Boys Youth Lacrosse located in Lancaster Pennsylvania

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Following is a list of some local club team programs.  Playing for a club team during the off season can greatly improve the lacrosse skill and player IQ of any player.  Most club teams have both tournament and developmental teams.  


IM3 Lacrosse

IM3 Lacrosse is a Lancaster based club team, run by Rich Lefever, Lacrosse director at Nook Sports.  IM3 has programs for Fall, Winter and Summer Seasons, although it is not required to participate in all seasons.  For more information about IM3, please visit their website by clicking HERE


Rock Lacrosse

Rock Lacrosse is a Baltimore based club team, that has expanded into Central Pennsylvania by merging with the former Low and Away Club team.  For more information about Rock Lacrosse,  please visit their website by clicking HERE


TEAM Lacrosse

TEAM Lacrosse is a York based club team.  The mission at TEAM Lacrosse is to make the Central PA lacrosse player better.  The goal is to educate and teach each and every player the game of lacrosse the way it should be played.  For more information about TEAM Lacrosse, visit their website by clicking HERE.


Blak Widow Select Lacrosse

Blak Widow was started in 2013 to grow the game of lacrosse in Berks county and provide an opportunity for players to play lacrosse at the next level.  For more information about Blak Widow Lacrosse, visit their website by clicking HERE.