Lampeter Strasburg Boys Youth Lacrosse located in Lancaster Pennsylvania

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Board Members:

President:  Sam Echternach

Vice President:  Scott Rineer

Secretary:  Holly Filius

Treasurer:  Melissa Schaefer

LL League Representative:  Sam Echternach

Director of Player Development/Scheduler:   vacant

Registration/Webmaster:  Kris Eves

Fundraising Chair:   Holly Filius

Equipment Manager:   Sam Echternach


To contact the board, please direct communications to:  


Board Meeting Dates:

9/10/20 7pm West Lampeter Muncipal Building.

10/8/20 7pm West Lampter Municipal Building

11/5/20 7pm West Lampeter Muncipal Building

12/1/20 7pm West Lampeter Muncipal Building


Board Position Descriptions and Responsibilities