Lampeter Strasburg Boys Youth Lacrosse located in Lancaster Pennsylvania

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Our goal is to introduce the game of lacrosse to boys age 5-14. We do this through a series of camps and teams for K-2, 10U, 12U & 14U.  LSBYL is a non-profit organization, completely community funded. All registration and sponsorships go into coaching, fields, gear and equpment for the players.


Our inspiration is exemplified by one inspirational story.

Live for today.

Those three simple words became the motto of Lampeter-Strasburg lacrosse player Ryan "Whitey" Weitzel, who was handed a phenomenally heavy burden  as a 14-year-old in 2003. That was the year when, as an eighth-grader, he was
diagnosed with a malignant melanoma in his scalp. The young man had cancer in  his lymph nodes that was rapidly spreading rapidly to the rest of his body. At the  University of Pennsylvania, his doctors told him he might live six months.

But he refused to give up.

Seven weeks after a metal plate was inserted in his right thighbone, the 17-year-old badly wanted to play lacrosse one last time.  Doctors, however, told Ryan Weitzel that playing in the all-star high school invitational tournament in July 2007 at Franklin & Marshall College was too risky.  "I have to play in this," Ryan told Joe Frank, his Lampter-Strasburg High School lacrosse coach.  Jeff and Penny Weitzel of Lampeter knew their only son, with stage 4 skin cancer, did not have long to live. So they let Ryan play the game he loved, despite the danger to his leg.  Frank put Ryan in an attack position so he wouldn't have to run as much, and he frequently sent in substitutes for the player.  Each time, Ryan implored his coach to put him back in for another shift.  "Just one more, coach. Just one more," Ryan pleaded. "Just one more."  In one sequence in the fourth and final game of the day, Ryan battled for a ground ball, scooped it up and took off on a fast break.  Two-thirds of the way down the field, he cut sharply to his left and his right femur snapped into two pieces.

Lacrosse was just one aspect of his life...

Ryan's only sibling, his sister Ashley said Ryan's character changed after his cancer diagnosis.  "When you're told you have six months to live as a teenager, your life stops," Stringer said. "But at that time, Ryan became larger than life."  The teen became a selfless person who genuinely cared about how other people were feeling and what was going on in their lives, Stringer said.  "He said he was happy to get cancer, thankful that he got it because it made him realize what was important," she said.  Ryan focused on his relationships with people and enjoying the smaller things in life...

Ryan passed away in April 2008.

Every year, Weitzel's memory is honored.  There is a 5K race - Ryan's Race - which is a fundraiser for the Ryan "Whitey" Weitzel scholarship, and the Backyard Bash - a commemorative day of lacrosse waged between Lampeter Strasburg and Penn Manor.


LSBYL is trying to instill the love of lacrosse and the way

Whitey lived his life in all of the players registered ... live for today ... and each other ...


For additional information, please visit the LS HS Lacrosse webpage...